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What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage

Massage in this country tends to be thought of as a luxury indulgence, whereas in many countries it is perceived as a fundamental part of treatment, and may even be the prescribed first line of treatment. The difference perhaps lies in the more common UK leaning towards gentle massage, which has little, if any, therapeutic benefit.

Back Massage

Back Massage

Sports Massage is applied with more pressure and to be effective, the masseur must have a good understanding of anatomy. Massage is widely used with athletes and in the treatment of sports injury. It is an essential part of sports rehab, assisting speed of recovery.

If you have a sports injury, or injury from an accident or just from normal daily living, a sports massage can help. Your normal pliable body tissue may have been replaced by scar tissue, which can bind other tissues together, causing loss of pliability and strength, Adhesions can occur in joints and ultimately become part of joint tissue. In such cases ongoing stress or overuse will more likely cause you repeated injury.

Calf Massage

Calf Massage

Sports Massage Services

Sports massage can help you by breaking down scar tissue and helping its re-absorption  encouraging normal tissue to be laid down.

Deep tissue massage, more common in the east, is based on understanding the links in the body, as developed by Brandon Raynor, so that the cause of the pain can be treated rather than where it hurts. For some, there may be deep seated causes, which will need excavation. This in turn may lead to emotional release.

 How Do Sports Massuses Help My Condition?

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