The Story Behind Our Logo

Our logo design has profound meaning to us as it encapsulates our values and beliefs and the very soul of our clinic.

butterflyThe logo is based on a butterfly, which exists in four distinct forms and importantly, since ancient times has symbolised the transformation from one stage of life to the next, plus the calm acceptance of changes these stages bring.

Since ancient times the butterfly has carried great importance. For example to the Chinese it is the symbol of long life and to the American Indians the lack of butterflies surely indicated that all was not well with the delicate environmental balance.

And so for us the four colours of our softly curved butterfly, signify the four wings of skill and expertise in our clinic for you to call upon as you need help at the different stages of your life.

One winter morning, just  after we opened Nicky’s new treatment room, a beautiful butterfly emerged from the rafters and flew to land on a patients face. Nicky and the patient were spellbound to see a butterfly in winter. Perhaps a sign of  approval of our logo.

Colours have their own secret language, each unconsciously communicating a message and mood:

Orange represents  curiosity to explore new ideas, to be creative, but with a practical hands on emphasis rather than intellectual. What better colour to represent our work with chronic pain, where we have travelled from the Far East to North America, to seek out ground breaking  techniques and technology to treat problems such as spinal pain and sciatica, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. 

For many, sport provides the opportunity to achieve or maintain fitness, to reduce stress and as a result experience improved levels of peace and calm. The colour green embodies all these attributes, a colour we all link to the new growth of spring and taking action. 

Avoidance of physical injury, commonly in sport, requires taking positive,  pre-emptive action, to make sure your body is functioning correctly.

Blue symbolises the activation of your self healing power to overcome injury and the confidence in your abilities, thus aiding you to protect yourself from further injury. Consultation with an Orthopaedic Surgeon or    Physiotherapist is first and foremost about getting an accurate diagnosis of your pain or injury and its underlying cause. This information in itself is an important step in the healing process and improves confidence in being able to  avoid repeating the cause. Lastly the many aspects of treatment aid the healing process in providing the energy to regenerate healthy body tissues. 

Violet is associated with achieving a more balanced life, with improved mental clarity, greater faith and overcoming life’s many challenges. For us this was the perfect colour for our many holistic  and beauty treatments including cellular health & fitness, diet & nutrition and stress regulation. Stress of course comes from many sources and achieving a better life balance can be aided by treatments like reflexology, reiki, and being taught to control heart rate variance.

Our Health Hub offers a unique opportunity to encompass all aspects of Holistic Health and take your life and health to the optimum level.


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