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Many of you will have heard this term before, which related to the enormous differences in NHS service provision across the country. This led to the creation of NICE, a body which was responsible for authorising treatments, which were then supposedly going to offered countrywide.

A recent study by Which, however, has uncovered that those with the most complex medical needs still face a postcode lottery when it comes to recouping their full care costs. In fact, the report showed huge differences, an example being that Salford funded 25 times as many patients as South Reading. Despite a national framework being set up six years ago in 2012, the best and worst areas have not changed.

Also concerning is that despite the guidelines being that decisions on funding should be made within 28 days, some areas are meeting that target in only 2% of cases.

The situation is likely to get a lot with a predicted 45% growth in demand and yet a targeted cost efficiency saving of £855million.


The key message all of us need to take from this is that we should do everything we can to protect our own health, and the earlier the better. Investment now could make a massive difference to your quality of life in later years.  The alternative really is leaving it to a flip of a coin.


For more information on this report see www.which.co.uk.


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