Back pain is the most common cause of disability, so how do you get back pain relief?

In this page, we look at back pain relief and how this effects you. We also discuss the best solutions and make recommendations for those who are suffering. There is also a case study example of how this can help you and what the takeaways are.

All I want for Xmas is a new back & back pain relief

Are you a back pain sufferer? Do you want to recover naturally and quickly from chronic spinal pain? Be able to sit, stand, walk and play without the nagging fear of pain? Do you also want to avoid any side effects of long-term painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs?

The spinal column protects our spinal brain and our wiring system, the nerves. Need I say more as to how important that is? Unyet, back pain remains one of the leading causes of disability, with the main culprit being Mr. Disc. This innocent looking cushion is filled with a sturdy jelly-like substance in a whirl not whip configuration of protective fibrous bands.

Better posture helps with back pain relief

Worn out discs are made worse by our old friend poor posture. Poor posture compresses not only the discs, but also small muscles, and nerves and capillaries, slowing up the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the spine. Worn discs are unable to protect the little spinal facet joints, and inflammatory osteoarthritis moves in. Arthritic facet joints are painful in their own right in 30 % of back pain and need strong muscles to support them.

If you have worn discs look to your muscles. Weakened back, stomach and butt muscles along with tight hamstrings all squash discs. Improving your fitness with back specific strengthening and stretching exercises will help to lessen the degeneration of your spinal joints. That’s why father Xmas will be limbering up before attempting those chimneys.

Detecting a slipped disk

How do I know it could be a disc I hear you say? Well, let’s self-diagnosed, it may be a disc problem if slumping in a chair makes it worse, or pulling knees to chest on your back, or picking stuff off the floor, or putting on shoes. Moreover, walking and leaning back relieves the pain.

If you are finding it harder getting out of bed, putting your shoes on, or sitting for periods of time, you need to look after your back. The magical thing about backs is that ageing does not have to be a pain, backs respond quickly to expert treatment and a self-help guide to lifestyle change.

Let me tell you about lady who came to me a month ago, I will call her Jo. Jo struggled to walk up the pathway to my clinic and sat with tears in her eyes looking as if someone had given her a death sentence. Jo had been told the same old story, “you have wear and tear in your spine, it will only get worse, learn to live with it. We will send you for some hands-off, exercise physiotherapy; you will need to wait a few weeks or months, as you are not deemed urgent.  We may consider a surgical opinion, and take these painkillers and anti-depressants for the foreseeable future.”

Those words said in all innocence wiped out this ladies future, how could she care for her garden and house, and look after, play and hold her grandchildren?

You will be pleased to know Jo responded quickly to treatment and lifestyle advice and came into my office beaming yesterday, her pain was considerably better, the joint movement was fluid, Jo could stoop down and tend to the house and garden, and did not feel drowsy as she no longer needed her painkillers. That morning she had jogged half a mile with her grandson. She was living proof that with an integrative medical approach and a healthy lifestyle, that she could be fit and pain-free. The good news is that we know with 25 years of experience, that a synergistic approach of therapies, including the use of specialist technology, prevents a lot of the discomfort ageing can bring. I recently presented this in Spain at the z factor, and I strongly believe a long healthy pain free life is the best Xmas present you can receive.


For free info on backs browse my website, or let me know if you wish me to give a talk, together let’s get over this epidemic of back pain.  Xmas treatment gift vouchers available.  FB,twitter. 01889881488



Lets meditate on life

I have always found meditation useful to reduce stress and anxiety. Beyond this it has a higher purpose, which is to rediscover our true nature. When our minds are uncluttered we make better choices and we get happier and healthier. When we learn to look deeper into the way we think about the world, especially our purpose for being here, and the way we communicate this, our whole way of living can radically change, and relationships blossom.

There is evidence to suggest the human brain has is still evolving. Within the brain architecture is housed the evidence of its historical development. Modern day MRI imaging has allowed us to start to understand the way we use our minds. It is fascinating that ancient knowledge supports these scientific findings, and the only difference being the language and symbols used to describe it.

In ancient cultures we were very much part of nature, we treated the earth with reverence and worship and considered our healthy existence depended on this.

Shamans pre-dated our modern day doctors, they were masters of meditation and medicine. These ancient healers, guardians of the earth, were forced into secrecacy by so called religious invaders, who kidnapped their lands and tortured those who spoke of the old ways.

Let me briefly share with you how you can look at problems in a fresh way using ancient knowledge.

I have come across shamanic teachings that describe four levels of perception, called serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle.

As you read on you may recognise your predominant way of thinking. Serpent represents the part of the brain we share with lizards and reptiles. We need this to be working well in crisis situations, it is about survival, instinctive needs and holds a very material perception .Dominant lizard brained people take care of business in a very practical way. However, they are not always too pleasant to be around.

Jaguar perception is all to do with the mammalian brain , called the amygydala or limbic center. This way of looking at the world is built on the reptilian perception , with added curiousity , care, compassion, sharing, socially interacting and loving. We look with our belief system seeing what we believe to be true and we share this way with all mammals. In this state of mind with a single new insight we can break free of old habits.

Hummingbird is the ‘soul of the brain’, it encases the other two and embraces such experiences as imagery, music, poetry and dreaming.This is housed in the neocortex which evolved 100,000 years ago. Here we look with reason and we visualise and create solutions within a world seen full of meaning, and we embrace wellbeing.

Finally the eagle perception housed in the prefrontal cortex, the ‘GOD’ brain.It has been described as:”God experiencing itself through man .”Here we look with concerns about the planet, quantum mechanics, the future, pollution, big picture solutions to problems.

Meditation is the door way to explore how you think about problems. Where do you predominantly operate from?

This is just a brief example how an early culture used the power of the mind, many cultures meditate buddism to name a few, some of the most successful people on the planet have learnt the ancient secrets to mastering the power of the mind.Learning to move through different levels of perception brings awareness and opportunity to live an enriched and happy life.


So I am here to writing about PAAAIN. Not something most people want to think about is it?

But what’s the opposite of PAIN?

That’s right PLEASURE

We all do everything we can to avoid pain and seek pleasure DON’T WE?

Do you always make decisions to seek pleasure and avoid pain?

Let’s think about that.

Is it possible that you make decisions that you PERCEIVE will give you PLEASURE when in fact it will ultimately give you PAIN?

Yes of course it is!

So we are all guilty of putting coins in the pain bank for long term savings rather than the pleasure bank.

I have been puzzling over this one for many years sitting in front of my patients. Very recently In prep for yet another z factor,working out in the greenhouse it came to me.

Knowledge about how health is inside us, locked away deep in our subconscious, this part of our mind a million times more influencial than our conscious mind.The subconscious  plays tapes, recorded even as a foetus, without questioning these  beliefs. Bring mindfulness to your human thought processing when you make a decision about eating,and taking in nutrients, working out  and meditating. Get into a state of mind that is truthful about your actions.

When we bring into focus higher awareness we are checking our beliefs about what we see and feel. Our vision is very inaccurate and only a tiny part of what is really there. If we see the colour red, memory of what red means to us, meaning making, red is a belief. Higher awareness says we are accessing memory data associated with this visual input to get hold of the belief. We run it thru’ a semantic memory system, find the belief and make a thought.Changing beliefs kills old habits.

I will ask my patients do you believe you will get better. If they answer know then if that belief is not changed healing will be impaired.

What we need to realise is that we are controlled by social acceptance to do what everybody else does and we are all intensely manipulated by advertising. We are driven to believe what we see on TV and in the press.

Drugs companies, food companies and drinks companies are not driven to provide the healthiest products they can, but to maximise their profits and serve their shareholders.

The only person who can look after YOU is YOU. And if all you do is follow everyone else you are doing no better than a lemming who says ;” Hey guys let’s all jump off a cliff and you reply, hey great idea let’s go”

The point I am trying to make here is that when we think of PAIN, we need to realise that many causes of pain are self inflicted and can be avoided.Explore your belief systems and those of your parents avoid pressing  the self destruct button and chisel a NEW HEALTHY YOU. Remember,

PAIN for many is a choice. For more free info via our website and FB, or for booking a treatment , consultation or talk phone 01889881488.



Using food as medicine to stay out of pain.

We all overindulge in the winter especially with the run up to xmas and then eating left overs in January. In February we are all have colds and achy joints as our immune system is suffering from our rich diet, lack of raw fresh fruit and veggies and sunshine.

I mentioned in an earlier article about a highly publicised TV program, which monitored the health implications of food by getting a volunteer to live on nothing other than junk. He had to be taken off the diet because his health plummeted so rapidly.

So this February don’t waste money on fad diets, just do a little reading about healthy food and drink more water, and use natural pain killing foods with natural anti-inflammatories. Most of us eat too much food that enhances pain and too little of the food that reduces pain.

Our cells depend on nutrients and water for creating healing, energy and cleansing. Poor food has additives and is heavily processed leading to persistent inflammation contributing to musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, diabetis, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer …you name it.

Pain due to too much inflammation damages nerves beyond any injury, and also causes tissue pain in our tendons, ligaments and joints.

Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers in a relatively lowly populated planet. The soil was rich in nutrients with little toxic chemicals. They ate fresh meat, berries, and roots. Therefore healthy omega3 oils, fruit and vegetables high in antioxidants, no processed foods, no wheat, no trans fats, no excess sugar and omega6 and processed dairy.

This helped to control chronic inflammation that prevades modern day western lifestyle.

We are becoming increasingly obese. This extra fat not only strains our joints, these engorged fat cells fire off inflammation. Organ fat is crawling with immune cells, prolonging inflammation and damaging surrounding tissue.

Living longer means a lot more of us are over 35.Around this age our natural pain blockers no longer  shut the pain gate in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.

Due to needing more help to control mounting inflammation in the body and not getting it….we make too much fibrin, causing too much scar tissue in tendons, skin, joints. We develop arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sclerosis which is artery narrowing and poor healing all round.

Man made drugs[ NSAIDs] are only relatively safe for short term use, as gut bleeds, nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness are all possible side effects.

Turn your kitchen into a pharmacy. Step inside mine.

My HERBS and SPICES Rack, favourite pain relieving and anti inflammatory spices and herbs.

Turmeric ,cayenne pepper and chilli , Ginger especially migraines and heartburn, Rosemary, nerve, muscle, and  chronic headaches. Sage, muscles and sore throat, and Parsley for arthritic pain .

I have a nice selection of herbal teas to hand, very warming at this time of year. Tea contains flavonoids such as pain killing quercitin, I find nettle tea helps with arthritic pain, peppermint great for digestive pain,and chamomile reduces the stress of pain.

If you like beer rather than tea, Hop  extract, nearly matched ibuprofen in painkilling effects.

Olives I adore, and they have anti inflammatory and painkilling properties closely related to ibuprofen.

For gynaelogical pain, gin and tonic or Chinese herbs, Vitex agnus-castus, black cohosh, dong quai and st johns wort .


If you like SMOOTHIES,I do, I make one for my breakfast with soya milk yoghurt and fruit, easy to digest as I run afterwards. Pineapples have bromelian aids digestive pains, Payaya has papain, and cherries anthocyanin painkillers. Enjoy bananas, I have one everyday, they make happy juice in the brain.

In summary my winning formula for pain relief would be some olives and fish oils, nuts, eggs, onion and garlic, a couple of herbs in tea or in food like the ones above, fresh raw fruit in a smoothie or green veg juice, and antioxidants, C and E, Q10 and lipoic acid, and you have your own pharmacy of potent pain killers for every problem.

If you are having an arthritic flare up, avoid cooking with vegetable oil, gluten(wheat, rye, barley), avoid cooking at high temps, avoid soda as sugar spikes linked to OA knee and trans fats and too many processed foods.

Ending on a cheerful note,a special lusty  cocktail to get the juices going on Valentines night. Mug of oatstraw, salty seaweed,earthy burdock root, sweet scented rose petals and dark chocolate.Rosemary, lavender and basil.

Potted Rosemary for love, worn by brides in middle ages , planted out afterwards and if sprigs grew  it showed a strong relationship. Sprigs planted with lovers name to see which grew stronger.Lavender sprigs as an aphrodisiac. Basil pots placed outside eligible ladies homes, basil means commitment and fertility, in Romania means the same as an engagement ring.

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Addnotes interwoven in story

Curcumin, Found in turmeric, America tried to get a patent, and India refused.powerful anti inflamm.antiseptic and antibacterial.

Capsaicin found in cayenne and red peppers

Boswellic acid in indian frankincense, reduces pain and swelling and stiffness in joints.

Aswagandha, indian ayurvedic medicine for arthritis

Ginger anti inflamm, migraines,heartburn.

Rosemary, nerve and muscle tension, chronic headaches, cancer related skin disorders, like aspirin has salicin

Sage, clear mind, achey muscles and inflammation. White one stronger


MSM sulphur, glucosamine, pain relief, anti inflamm.

Flavonoids such as quercitin found in tea, antioxidant and anti inflamm


Bromelian, in pineapple, anti inflamm

Hop  extract,nearly matched ibuprofen in painkilling effects

Vitamins..antioxidants,are anti inflamm pain killers, c and E, glutathione or N acetyl cysteine, lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10.

If in constant pain increase these and add more fruit andgreen leafy  veg and fishoil(omega3) and nuts,especially walnuts and almondseggs, onions and garlic.

Olives anti inflammatory and painkiller, closely related to ibuprofen.

Virgin olive oil oleocanthal natural pain killer

Shiitake mushrooms look pretty and have both anti viral and anti cancer fightingproperties and help with arthritis.

Figs, papaya and kiwi have PROTEOLYTIC enzymes do what???

Alfalfa high in vit A



Devils claw?

ionized alkaline H2o.

In summary a winning formula,some olives and fishoils, a couple of herbs from above and antioxidant supplements and you have a potent pain killer for every problem.

If you are having an arthritic flare up, avoid cooking with vegetable oil, gluten(wheat,rye,barley), avoid cooking at high temps, avoid soda as sugar spikes linked to OA knee and trans fats and too many processed foods.