We are absolutely delighted to announce Clinical Director, Nicky Snazell’s long awaited third book ‘The Body’ is now available to buy on Amazon. This is the second book from Nicky’s trilogy ‘The Human Garage’.


The Body Book

Nicky says:

“My Human Garage, Volume 2, The Body, discusses all the hard work researchers put into creating the latest technology which combines and enhances the healing achievable through scared and ancient hands on techniques.My book embraces a utopia of pioneering physiotherapy and technology.

Within the covers is the analogy of a garage and how medics and therapist can lean more towards mechanics or healers.

There are 6 chapters, the first discussing my own learnings with my physical body getting damaged.Chapter 2 embraces the nuts and bolts of the body. Chapter 3 and 4 stories of patients and descriptions of treatment modality.The 5th is all about healthy eating and the 6th antiaging, healthy exercising.

The large appendix covers a deeper explanation of technology and a symptom sorter of musculoskeletal ailments.The bibliography details all the science I studied to write this book.

My driving purpose for this book is to share 30 years of study and clinical practice with fully integrated alternative and western medical /physiotherapy treatments.

I have experience of over 10,000 patient cases, and the knowledge of runing my own healthcare clinics what works and doesn’t work. At a time when there is still a strong political drive to move away from hands on treatment, and still embrace pain meds my type of clinic may soon be extinct.

My dream for this series of books is for all this wisdom to be there for everyone, and if possible in the NHS.I wish is for everyone to be empowered with the knowledge of how to avoid unneccessary suffering and illness. After all healthy, fit bodies need fewer pit stops and therefore receive a smaller bill at their health checks/MOT’s.Your greatest wealth is your health.

If you believe in my cause I ask that you pass this knowledge on.”

Follow the link and order your copy of ‘The Body’ today


Marathon Performance for the Lullaby Trust


Lorna Hopkin from Brocton, Stafford is elated to have completed Sunday’s gruelling 26.3 mile Virgin London Marathon. Lorna a Marketing Manager at Tamworth based Summit Systems, and her brother Gavin Aiken, ran on behalf of the Lullaby Trust, supporting families effected by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The duo chose the charity following the tragic loss of Lorna’s son Leo to SIDs last year aged just 5 weeks. They have raised an incredible £8,500 for the charity with donations still flowing. Please see Just Giving Site.

Lorna says:

“We are absolutely amazed by the generosity of everybody more than doubling our fundraising target. The marathon was incredibly hard but I felt I had no choice but to complete it for Leo and everyone who put their faith into us. There were more than a few tears shed by the whole family at the end. We hope the money provides beneficial support to families enduring the pain of SIDS.”

Lorna found the challenge harder than anticipated after a back injury earlier in the week left her unable to walk properly. After some impromptu advice she managed to get an appointment at Nicky Snazell’s Pain Relief Clinic, where her pelvis was assessed and the muscular spasm treated accordingly. Lorna says:

“When I arrived I found that a friend who worked there, Erica Byrnes, had already paid for my treatment in support of the cause which was so incredibly kind it brought a tear to my eye. The service was fantastic and I left renewed.”

“On race day, I was still experiencing some back pain as expected, but knowing the underlying cause was gone, I decided to attempt the race. The first few miles were really painful, then it settled down and my toe took over. By mile 15 my toe was in agony so I stopped a few times then eventually took my shoe off to reveal a hole in my sock strangling my toe!! Thankfully once moved pain relief was immediate and I was able to continue”.

“The Lullaby Trust had cheering stations at mile 9 and 19 which kept me going. I had a mini breakdown at mile 23 but accepting sweets of strangers got me going again. Seeing the London Eye and Big Ben, and hundreds of people shouting my name and cheering made the last mile amazing.

“Passing through the finish line and feeling the weight of the medal around my neck was one of the best feelings ever.

“I then had to get across London to the Lullaby Trust after party. I felt like a celebrity with people high fiving me, giving up seats on the tube and asking questions. The after party was great too with a much needed shower and sharing stories with other families effected by SIDS.

“Running the London Marathon has been one of the hardest but best experiences of my life. I am delighted to have been able to raise so much money in Leo’s memory and it was wonderful to feel him smiling down from heaven on me for the day.”

To sponsor Lorna and Gavin’s achievement please go to Just Giving Site. For more information about the Lullaby Trust go to http://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/.

Michael Van Der Mark suffered four fractures in his left foot following a crash at the Monza World SuperSport Motorcycle race on 12th May. He returned to Holland where he was advised to rest for at least 6 weeks. Leon Haslam, also in the Pata team, got Michael to fly to the UK for treatment at Nicky Snazell’s Pain Relief Clinic.

Michael Van Der Mark Receiving MBST

Michael Van Der Mark receives treatment on MBST Open 700

Just one week after the crash and after only three MBST treatments, Michael was walking around pain free. Due to other commitments Michael was only able to complete four of the required nine MBST treatments, but he was able to ride at Donington the following weekend, where he was catching the leading group until he crashed.


At the Portimão round on 9th June he not only caught the leading three, but got into second place and looked like he could possibly win. The TV commentators noted that he had recovered very quickly from his Monza crash to top form.