So I am here to writing about PAAAIN. Not something most people want to think about is it?

But what’s the opposite of PAIN?

That’s right PLEASURE

We all do everything we can to avoid pain and seek pleasure DON’T WE?

Do you always make decisions to seek pleasure and avoid pain?

Let’s think about that.

Is it possible that you make decisions that you PERCEIVE will give you PLEASURE when in fact it will ultimately give you PAIN?

Yes of course it is!

So we are all guilty of putting coins in the pain bank for long term savings rather than the pleasure bank.

I have been puzzling over this one for many years sitting in front of my patients. Very recently In prep for yet another z factor,working out in the greenhouse it came to me.

Knowledge about how health is inside us, locked away deep in our subconscious, this part of our mind a million times more influencial than our conscious mind.The subconscious  plays tapes, recorded even as a foetus, without questioning these  beliefs. Bring mindfulness to your human thought processing when you make a decision about eating,and taking in nutrients, working out  and meditating. Get into a state of mind that is truthful about your actions.

When we bring into focus higher awareness we are checking our beliefs about what we see and feel. Our vision is very inaccurate and only a tiny part of what is really there. If we see the colour red, memory of what red means to us, meaning making, red is a belief. Higher awareness says we are accessing memory data associated with this visual input to get hold of the belief. We run it thru’ a semantic memory system, find the belief and make a thought.Changing beliefs kills old habits.

I will ask my patients do you believe you will get better. If they answer know then if that belief is not changed healing will be impaired.

What we need to realise is that we are controlled by social acceptance to do what everybody else does and we are all intensely manipulated by advertising. We are driven to believe what we see on TV and in the press.

Drugs companies, food companies and drinks companies are not driven to provide the healthiest products they can, but to maximise their profits and serve their shareholders.

The only person who can look after YOU is YOU. And if all you do is follow everyone else you are doing no better than a lemming who says ;” Hey guys let’s all jump off a cliff and you reply, hey great idea let’s go”

The point I am trying to make here is that when we think of PAIN, we need to realise that many causes of pain are self inflicted and can be avoided.Explore your belief systems and those of your parents avoid pressing  the self destruct button and chisel a NEW HEALTHY YOU. Remember,

PAIN for many is a choice. For more free info via our website and FB, or for booking a treatment , consultation or talk phone 01889881488.