Back To The Future

“Doc, I’m going back, but not to 2020, it’s heavy”


COVID has dominated all of us for the last year or more and turned our lives upside down.  Nearly everything we took for granted came to a stop and much of what was considered normal just disappeared from our lives.

We generally do things for a good reason

The sad part about this is that as we go through our lives, we tend to learn from our mistakes and the things that we do are the result of this learning. We generally do things for a good reason.  Thus, COVID meant that we stopped doing a lot of things which were good for us.

We are also all creatures of habit and so those things we stopped doing are no longer habitual and perhaps we don’t even think about them anymore. Then someone says something, or you do something that triggers a memory, and you realise it was a memory of something you used to do for good reason.

So, McFly, lets go back to late 2019, when the world was still normal and none of us had heard of COVID.

In late 2019, the majority of our clients with chronic problems had realised that there was a much better way of controlling their problems, other than getting short bursts of treatment, with a lot of pain and loss of mobility in between.  They realised that, yes, they needed to get a recent injury or flare up treated, but then they needed a regular drumbeat of treatment, perhaps as much as three months apart, to maintain the benefits. They were no longer going to react to their pain, they were going to proactively maintain their wellness and live a much higher quality of life.

Get the benefits of being proactive about your health

Many of our clients had started doing things again which for years they had been too afraid of doing, scared they would end up locked in pain and immobile.  They expanded their horizons, knowing that if they did get a negative reaction, we were there to cover their backs. That gave them so much more confidence to go out and enjoy life to the full.  They also noted that problems were much further apart and much less intrusive when they did occur.

The COVID pandemic obviously stopped our wellness programs and many of our clients suffered accordingly. Many will have forgotten about how much better they were when they were on the wellness program.

As we continue to exit the COVID pandemic, it’s time to go back and remind ourselves of our past and reignite those benefits for our future.

It really is time to go back to the future.

“Doc, I’m going back, but not to 2020, it’s heavy”

“McFly, why is everything so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with gravity in 2020?”

“No Doc, it’s COVID”


If you want to restart your Wellness program and really improve your quality of life, then now is the time to do it.


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p.s.   The success of the national vaccine implementation has meant that we have seen a massive increase in demand and our waiting lists are growing. One great benefit of the wellness program is that you get to book well ahead and get your appointments when it best suits you.